About Me

How. Awfully. Cliché.

This is, in case you had not guessed. The obligatory About Me. This is the part where I tell you who I am, what I do, and why this collection of bits and bytes exists on the Information Super Motorway (because it really does have lots of Information, it’s Super, and it sure as buggery isn’t a Highway).

Who Are You?

Who Am I indeed. I am a 28 30 year old Geek. I like technology, I like computers, and most specifically I like building things with computers. I don’t mean websites, although I can do that a little bit. I mean things. Systems. Infrastructure. Things. Most recently however I’ve moved from being a Technical Account Manager to  being Head of Client Services. I don’t get to build as much sadly but there you go.

You can find me on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/suitedupgeek – most likely in other places too.

What Do You Do?

I act as a trusted advisor (no, really!) to some of my employers largest customers. I engage, analyse and plan for a wide range of issues pertaining to their accounts. From simple memory upgrades to full blown re-installations of their SQL Server/VMware Cluster/Important Thing (delete as appropriate).

Why This? Why now? What do you have to say for yourself!

Alright calm down Keanu Reeves. This blog is here to record my thoughts, act as a whiteboard of sorts.

This blog is personal, my views and opinions are my own and should never be construed otherwise. I am (at least to the best of my knowledge) not an autonomous robot therefore I have feelings which means I can say and do things you may not like. I would very much like to engage you in conversation if that ever happens because I find that disagreements are often the very best conversations.

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