Project Insanity

The catalyst for this blog, in truth, is nothing to do with Technology. Or being a Geek. That’s just a happy side benefit, in that it gives me somewhere to write about such things.

No,  the real reason for the blog is my belly. I am FAT. Overweight, not quite obese but carrying more Pounds than Mervyn King when they announced his retirement.

What I’m going to do about it

I call it rather originally “Project Insanity” – after the series of fitness videos which I intend to follow cleverly named “Insanity”. It’s a hardcore do it at home workout which I’m fairly positive will kill me. Not kill me dead, but kill me just enough that it makes a difference. The videos are run by a chap called Shaun T, he’s American and he’s ripped like crazy. I’m not fooling myself that I’ll end up like him, but if I can shift some of this weight I’ll be delighted.

The videos so far have involved a Fit Test, which is a 25 minute circuit which I hilariously thought was going to be the worst bit. The second video is a 45 minute “Plyometric Cardio Circuit”. To say it was painful and difficult is like saying Mount Everest is just a Mountain. I don’t think I’ve ever swore sweated as much as I did today.

The Videos

From what I can gather most of the videos are on YouTube or Vimeo. I’ve linked the pair I’ve done so far below:

The Plan

I hope I’m not alone in saying I’ve tried stuff like this before. I’ve bought Gym memberships, tried playing football regularly, gone running, bought a bike … all of which fail miserably. I’m hoping that because I can do this in my home at a time which suits me and won’t freeze my ass off then it will work. It’s also the reason for this blog, I’m going to publish it on Twitter and with any luck, the abject shame of not doing it will play on my mind enough to keep me in it.

Your Support of course, would be awesome.

The Downfall

Food. Food is my vice. In past diets and “fads” I have tried to Diet and Exercise at the same time. I’m taking a slightly different approach this time. If I can avoid bad food, I’ll do my best to do that. However I’m not going to make a big deal out of it. I just don’t have the willpower to keep doing the exercise and diet too. More on that in another post.

Next Steps

Stay tuned … there might even be photos! Wait … no … come back!