Insanity Day 13: Do. Or do not. There is no try.

The geeks screaming “THATS NOT YODA” is giving me great amusement right now.

Two Weeks coming to a close ladies and gentlemen. I’m still here. I’m so pleased tonight, this time last week I had wussed out of the last 10 minutes of the Thursday exercises (Plyometric Cardio Circuit). This week. No, this week there was no wussing out, there was no backing down, there was no bending the knee (ok, actually there were lots of bending knees) … This week, I powered through.

What’s better, is that this week I managed “Pure Cardio” AND (FUCKING AND!) “Cardio Abs“.  One after the other, almost a full hours work. Endless pain in the abdominal area but again, I’ve come away feeling superb.

Things I’ve Learned So Far

It’s OK to Pause

You’ll hear this consistently in the videos. Stop if you need to. Take a break. Go get some water.

Make sure you do, particularly during Pure Cardio as it’s an slog with minimal scheduled stops. So make sure you do take those breaks. If you are anything like me, your body is not good enough yet to keep up with the instructor 100% of the time.

Stretch regular and often

I don’t mean during the exercises, or during the cool down. I mean during the day, when you’re eating your dinner, when you’re going to sleep. Your muscles will tighten ridiculously fast if you don’t and it just makes the next day that little bit harder.

Pose like a … well, poser

Do it. In front of the mirror. Look at what you’re trying to lose at least once a day. It reminds you why the hard work and sweat is worth it. I, rather embarrassingly have taken to shouting at my belly mid-exercise. It’s ridiculous but it works.

Enjoy your food

Try to keep it healthy but don’t deny yourself little treats. Last night I had one of the most delicious mince pies I’ve had in a long time. Just try your best to dig a little deeper on your next exercise.

Bring a Towel

If you do this right, you will at some point, taste your own sweat. It’s a bit salty. Towels are good!

You Guys Rock

Twitter was where I launched this blog, Facebook is where I stepped off the precipice to share my experience with friends and family. The reaction from everyone reading has been amazing. If you’re doing this – share your story. People will come up randomly and tell me how they’ve done in the past, or why they stopped, or just to wish me well. It’s nice. People are nice. Forget what the Channel 4 News tells you. There is humanity in the world!


Tomorrow. Christmas Party. Copious amounts of food and drink. This is a real test of my resolve I think. I plan to go out large tomorrow night, this type of night comes but once a year and as per my mantra, I’ll enjoy it.

I’ll be bringing forward my Fit Test to tomorrow from Saturday, and making Saturday my rest day for obvious reasons. Tomorrow will also be my second weigh in. I’ve had a sneak peak and … all going well, I should be on track for a another positive result.

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