Insanity Day 19: When this baby hits 88kg … thoughts on Time

Day 19. Still going strong folks. Convinced myself I’ll get myself under 15 stone this week, not sure I’ll manage it but we’ll see. The last time I was that weight for any length of time was easily 5/6 years ago.

I am writing this post-workout, still a bit sweaty got to be honest but I’m in my hotel room so nobody really cares … right? Except maybe you … who now has the image of a hulking mass of sweat and jiggly bits sitting in front of a keyboard šŸ˜‰

This post is some of my thoughts on the time spent doing these workouts, and how you can do them too. I’ve lost count of the number of people in the last couple of weeks who have told me they would love to try it but they don’t have the time. I was that person. I’ve seen how easy it can be if you’re smart about it.

I just don’t have the time to do workouts

Going to the Gym

I agree with you. Going to the Gym sucks. Going to the Gym for me is a massive time sink.

  • Getting thereĀ (10 minutes)
  • Getting changed awkwardly in front of all the other boys/girls so they don’t see your iggle piggle or upsy daisyĀ (5 minutes)
  • Strutting in the gym, trying to look cool, putting in your headphones, dropping your headphones in the treadmill, getting distracted by that girl with theĀ really largeĀ BazingasĀ (3 minutes)
  • Getting a shower, awkwardly, in front of all the other boys/girls hoping to all that is scientifically correct that nobody drops the soap …Ā (8 minutes)
  • Getting homeĀ (+10 minutes to normal journey)

You’ve just wasted roughly 36 minutes of your day onĀ nothing. Sounds like fun.

But OK, you’re a gym-maniac, you love the gym. When could you do it? Let’s look at my viewpoint on it (this is my blog damnit!)

  • Lunch – I get really immersed in my work and lunch breaks are known to come and go without me leaving my desk. It’s a character flaw but one I can live with.
  • First thing in the morning – You have clearly never seen me in the morning.
  • Evenings –Ā Nope. Travelling home and spending time with my kids rules that out.
  • WeekendsĀ – Hell no, I don’t spend enough time with my kids as it is so there’s no way I’m killing more time at the weekends.

I’m sure if you have a family and a job with a decent commute you’re in a similar situation to me.

Go Running / Cycling

Ok, technically this should never take longer than an Insanity workout, but it’s SO BORING.

Oh look, trees, cars, trees, pavement, giant puddle, pavement, trees, car going through giant puddle and soaking you through, oh look it’s raining, fuck it’s REALLY raining … well this is crap.

Source: Every Runner Ever. Fact.

Do Insanity / Another TV workout

So, you get to:

  • Go straight home (-20 minutes)
  • Strip like you’re a supermodel (-3 minutes)
  • Strut around the house, trying to look cool, making your wife sigh, grinning at your wife, getting distracted by her … ***CENSORED***Ā (still 3 minutes …)
  • Dive into a bath whilst putting the dinner on and doing other things around the house (-3 minutes)

Wicked. We’ve just beat the Gym by 26 minutes! Every day.Ā 3 hours a week.

That’s insane. Imagine what you could do with that extra three hours, but more importantly, imagine what you’re doing to your body in the workout!

Break it down for me

More Graphs

Everybody loves Graphs. Don’t lie. So I thought I would break down a typical day for me, let’s see just how long this workout is taking of my day.


3% of every day is spent doing Insanity. Spend some time working this out yourself. It’s remarkable, really, how small an amount of time it takes to get yourself into this properly.

If you want to do this, the only thing stopping you is you.

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