Insanity Day 38: Hearts on Fire (FREE bonus Rocky IV Montage!)

I shit you not. This is how I’ve felt for the past 3 days. Training to fight Ivan God Damn Drago.

Three days into Month Two and my calves, quads, shoulder and upper arm muscles are stiff as … well a stiff thing. I’ll leave the rest of that up to your imagination! I had spent the “Recovery Week” trying really hard not to think about month two, I had read lots and indeed plenty of people had told me that the difficulty ramped up significantly. I was desperately hoping they were wrong … they were right. The best way I can describe it, is to go back to Day 1 and multiply that feeling of “oh holy fuck what am I doing” by about 10.

That said, at the end of today when I did the “Max Cardio Conditioning” I could start to feel my body reacting. The aches went away as the muscles warmed up and I found myself really pushing into it. So much so that a large bump on the floor had me thinking the front door had gone. A groan from the good lady told me otherwise and I went back to slaughtering myself!

Draagooooooooo … bugger!

Unlike my esteemed peer Mr Balboa (we’re the same now you see) my upper body strength is laughable. I’ve touched on this in other blog posts but I want to expand on it a little here and show you some examples of what I’m struggling with. So far the three workouts in month two that I’ve done have focused very heavily on push ups and upper body balance. Despite best efforts it’s just not possible for me to keep up with some of the repetitions. To show you … let’s bring in my glamorous assistant!

  1. 3:45 – S-S Floor Hops. This is part of the Warm Up!
  2. 18:00 – Squat Push Ups. Part of a wider set which gets repeated three times.
  3. 28:50 – One Legged V Push Ups. Again as a part of a wider set and repeated.
  4. 31:45 – Power Push Ups. Are you lolling yet?
  5. 45:00 – Side Push Ups. You’re lolling now right? INSANITY

Good fun right? 🙂

Until next time …


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