Getting back in the saddle

It’s been a long time since I wrote here. Well over a year in fact.

After I completed 3 months of the Insanity exercise programme I realised quite quickly that I had perhaps over done it. My knees were in bits and it took literally months for the continual pain to fade. I’m disappointed in myself really that I let it slip but there you go. It happens.

The weight has, unsurprisingly, come back (tipping the scales at 16 Stone / 101 Kilograms) which bearing in mind I finished Insanity at 13.8 Stone / 87.9 Kilograms is fairly horrendous. The fitness levels are pretty poor again and generally it’s not a good picture.

What’s next then?

Insanity again! Sort of! I’m going to be trying out the Focus T25 series. It’s by the same instructor however it shortens your exercises to 25 minutes rather than 40-50 minutes. I’m hoping that with nearly a 50% reduction in overall duration my knee’s stand up to it better but I’ll definitely keep the blog updated with progress.


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