Insanity … The End. Or is it?

I’ve mulled over this post for a few days in my head. No cheesy pictures or straplines. I”ve not been quite sure how to write it up or indeed draw a line under one of the most dramatic periods in my life. As corny as that may sound it’s undeniable at this stage. I never expected to be where I am now.

The final few weeks

At time of writing my last post, I had around two and a bit weeks to go. Those were without a doubt two of the most physically draining and demanding weeks I’ve ever experienced. I dropped a further two kilograms between writing Day 47 and completing the workout schedule. I finished on 87.9 kilograms. Total weight loss? 11.9 kilograms. A little under two stone. By this stage people who didn’t know I was doing this were asking me if I was feeling OK or if I had been dieting. I can’t lie, I struggled to contain my delight on more than one occasion.

I’ve gone from a pot bellied weakling to … well … a still ever so slightly pot bellied weakling who can hold his own weight for around 5 seconds and can do 12-15 pushups without stopping. I couldn’t do 3 without falling in a heap before.

I’ve had to buy new jeans, t-shirts, work shirts … the whole lot. Around 4 inches off my waist, half an inch off my neck, 3 inches off my thighs.  To paraphrase the multi-billion dollar fruit shaped monster …

This Changed Everything.

Should you do this?

Absolutely. Go for it. If you want to lose weight this is one of the most brutal, yet satisfying ways to do it. I will caveat that statement with a few things

  • If you know your body will struggle with high impact exercise, think about an alternative route.
  • Similarly, if you think your body will struggle with it – seek medical advice first.
  • Take it at your own pace. You don’t need to keep up with the Super Humans on the video. I didn’t. It still worked.

If you ever want a more detailed opinion about how to approach this, just let me know. I’m far from an expert but I can give you it in layman’s terms.

The T-Shirt & Before/After photos

Can’t quite bring myself to subject you to those just yet I’m afraid. Maybe some day 🙂

I have sent them off to the nice Insanity people to see about getting that t-shirt though …

What next?

I asked myself this question repeatedly, then other people started asking me too! In the back of my head I’m desperate to start something like p90x but I just don’t think my body is quite ready for that … yet. So I’ve decided to do Month One of Insanity again at a slightly reduced pace. Once every couple of days rather than every single day. Mainly to allow my body (and more specifically my knees) to recuperate a little.

I’ll occasionally post updates about my progress here just to keep all three of you who are interested up to date 🙂

Site Design

This blog/site design is effectively a slightly modified template. The inner geek in me wants to change it so I’ve started work on a new style. Would appreciate any feedback on this work in progress 🙂


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