Project Insanity – Day Five: These are not your average fatties

Raaaaaaaawr. Five days. Not getting any easier. Still getting awesome bouts of happiness after finishing the days workout though. I know it’s a chemical reaction, but YAS! It feels good.

Struggling with the food intake though, I’ve never been one to eat regular and often. It’s crucial apparently that you don’t actually diet on this workout, eat healthier yes, but cut down on food no. Today I skipped breakfast, had a decent sized Tuna Mayo Salad sandwich (white bread because they had no wholemeal) and that seen me through ’til dinner. A fresh cooked baguette with sandwich (thin) steak, some halloumi cheese with onions.

I want to do a bigger post on Food in general as I have a few thoughts about it, mainly around how I’m doing things. I’ll get to that at some point.

I discovered today another guy in my work is doing Insanity too, I’m not sure how he’s doing but I need to catch up with him at some point. I’d like a training buddy, someone to gauge myself against. One of the good things about the Insanity videos is that the instructor is always surrounded by around 8 people. You see them doing the same warm-up  the same exercise and going through the same pain. These are not your average fatties. These people are super fit with bodies to die for, and seeing them struggle is oddly encouraging, cathartic even.

Big ‘ol drive to Manchester tomorrow – staying overnight so will be doing the workout in the hotel. This is THE best thing about this method. You can do it anywhere with around 6ft squared space. No gym. Nothing fancy.

Until tomorrow …

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