Project Insanity – Week One Summary: Failure and Success

So here we are. One week on from when I started Insanity. So far so good, I’m still motivated to keep going and the results are, well, insane. First though, a catchup from the last couple of days where I’ve not had a chance to update.

Day Six: Failure

I drove down to Manchester first thing on Thursday morning and after power sliding through some fresh snow on the M74 spent most of the day at the offices of our companies latest acquisition Melbourne Hosting. Fairly standard fare for food that day so nothing to report on there.

We went out for dinner to a local restaurant which was really good. A terrine of pork to start, with a sirloin steak for main and an incredibly indulgent cranberry and orange sticky toffee pudding. Epic fail on the eating healthy front but as I’ve said from the start, I’m not in this to diet like a crazy person. Life has to be enjoyable, and that includes food.

I went back to the hotel room and let my food settle for an hour or so and then got into the workout which was a repeat of Day 2, Plyometric Cardio Circuits. I crashed out around 10 minutes before the end of the class though. Not sure if it was the eating food before the workout, or that the hotel room was baking hot but I just couldn’t manage the last 10 minutes. I was pretty disappointed with myself and went to sleep in a grump.

Day Seven: Purgatory

On the seventh day, he rested. Every 7 days in the Insanity workout is a day off. I had hoped to do a little exercise to make up for the previous night but no dice. Just a long drive home.

Day Eight: The Weigh In – Success!

Boom. Day 8. Weigh in day. Also a return to the Cardio Power & Resistance.

I’ve lost 1.9kg mass, 2cm around my belly and half a centimetre around my thighs. DELIGHTED.

I’m feeling great at the moment. It’s working. It’s damn hard work, but it’s working.


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